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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Full review

We have seen Samsung’s recent recovery. I made it sit on top of the smart phone manufacturers’ technology. Samsung presented a masterpiece, a flagship phone under the name Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The phone brings a very strong gear, most notably the powerful processor worse than Qualcomm and Samsung, as well as the impressive screen that comes with a 6.8-inch measurement. In our subject we will learn about a full review of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, showing all the details of the phone with features and disadvantages.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Full review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone specifications

Here are Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s top specifications:

1. Design Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung phones have their own distinctive design with an aesthetic touch added with each new flagship phone version, the phone comes in a very cool and polished design. With luxury fabrication ores, it’s called Contour Cut. The highlight of the phone is the aluminum frame wrapped around the rear camera,

Samsung has chosen a matte design for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and brings great colors so you can choose between black and silver.


The phone came with a full screen that has a very small hole, in the middle of the screen from the top in the form of Infinity O, it has the front camera that comes in 40 megapixels, with the call speaker.

This new display also features a Wacom sensor to support the S-Pen pen. Although the phone does not have Ultra with an entrance to the pen, you can get a portfolio that allows you to carry a pen inside the phone.

Invisible footprint sensor for naked eye. It is Qualcomm’s latest 3D Sonic Gen 2 sensor, which promises 77% more space and 50% more speed than the first generation used in the S20 and Note20 series.

Back side

The back of matte glass comes with Gorilla Glass Victus protection layer. It is slightly curved towards the frame, it has a quad rear camera within the aluminum frame that stands out from the back slightly.

Back side

(Three 12-megapixel initial vertical cameras, 108-megapixel primary camera and 10-megapixel telephoto camera. The second contains AF laser technology, LED flash and 10-megapixel 3x camera) located on the back of the top in a rectangular frame.

Right side

There’s the power button above them, the sound control buttons.

Bottom Side

The stereo phone headset, next to the USB Type-C charging port next to it is Mike calls, and the entrance to two NANO SIM connectivity chipsets.

Top Side

2 additional microphones.

The phone does not have 3.5mm headphone port, and does not support the installation of external memory. It supports IP68 water and dust resistance standard. The phone can be submerged in water up to 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra design is a big development compared to last year’s S20 Ultra. Personally, I think that matte design is much better than glossy and makes the phone more attractive.

2. Screen Galaxy S21 Ultra

When talking about smartphone screens, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has Samsung’s best smartphone displays, specialized in delivering the coolest smartphone displays.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with an AMOLED 2X dynamic display, measuring 6.8 “WQHD +. The resolution of the display (3200 × 1440) with an adaptive refresh rate of 120 Hz. The screen also supports HDR10 + content, with Gorilla Glass Victus protection layer.


The screen supports adaptive refresh rate, and can reach 120Hz or drop to 10Hz automatically when necessary. It’s supposed to be the brightest too, with a peak brightness of 1,600 candles.

The S21 Ultra phone supports the + HDR10 and of course, it can run content in high resolution across all popular streaming services such as Netflix, Prime, HBO, and YouTube.

Eye Comfort Shield

Eye Comfort Shield is a new addition from Samsung Phone, an app for blue light filter, that adjusts the screen color automatically according to the time, and allows you to choose a predetermined period of time to select the right options for you.


The S21 Ultra screen is one of the coolest screens available in 2021, providing a fun viewing experience and seamless and amazing graphics, also supported + HDR10. With vibrant colors, deep black color and exquisite color filter, superior brightness.


When it comes to audio experience, the phone offers a great stereo audio experience, by AKG. You’ll get high stereo sound from the speaker. With high bass sound, with well balanced sound. These are among the best stereo speakers on smartphones.

3. Camera Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra includes a new 108 megapixel ISOCELL sensor for the main camera. It is a second-generation Samsung sensor, producing sharper images, handling better HDR positions, as well as zoom camera reaching 100X.

Camera Galaxy S21 Ultra


The HF comes with four cameras, main 108MP with F/1.8 a periscope, second 10MP periscope telephoto imaging with  optical zoom aperture up to 10X and Zoom Digital up to 100X, third telephoto with 10MP rounding up to 3X, and fourth with 12MP resolution A 40-megapixel front camera with a F/2.2 aperture.

Main Camera

You can choose either 108-megapixel imaging or integrate pixels down to 12-megapixel efficient imaging by assembling 9 to 1 pixels. The latter choice is more effective at getting great images, not only because it gives clearer results with better light assimilation, but because the image size is much smaller and easier to share, which means it won’t take up much interior or cloud storage.

If you choose to take 108-megapixel still images, you will be able to enlarge the images taken in all the details further than the 12-megapixel images, but as we said it takes over a large area. So, 12-megapixel imaging in any scenario is almost more effective.

Regardless of the resolution you decide to shoot, the S21 Ultra camera captures very impressive images at an amazing level, and thanks to the large sensor you get great isolation images, DSLR digital cameras resemble.

Although there is no custom macro lens or macro imaging mode, the S21 Ultra camera actually does a great job of keeping the focal point close to the target. Even while filming is only an inch away. And get the exact details.

In low light, Bright Night’s main sensor receives a large amount of light without having to turn on any kind of night imaging mode. Although night mode is still an important option. The phone will automatically switch it in dim lighting. Generally, low-light images are great, and the noise level is very low.

Single Take

Samsung has updated its Single Take camera mode on S21 Ultra, giving you the option to capture more types of photos simultaneously. These types now include filtered videos, filtered images, speed effect clips, selfies, wide/cropped shots, and featured videos. They are all captured in about 10 seconds with one push.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung’s first phone with dual closeup cameras, balancing two 10-megapixel sensors to offer 3x and 10x zoom. Both lenses are visually stabilized, and can be zoomed up to 100X.

Wide Camera

Cameroon Daylight offers wide camera images, thanks to an extremely wide 0.6x camera instead of the wider 0.5x camera that has become popular with Samsung’s latest flagship phones. The wide camera images are rich in clear details, and the HDR is great, with a great deal of color.

Front Camera

The front camera captures great images, containing full face details. You also have a great professional background insulation. The front camera supports the integration of four pixels into one pixel, for effective imaging in 10 megapixel resolution.

Selfies were generally bright and sharp, as is the option to expand the range of group photos. It automatically turns into a broader perspective when it detects many faces, and can recognize the face while wearing a mask.


Samsung outperformed itself in developing video shooting using smartphones. The phone is capable of capturing up to 8K video at 24 fps. Or 4K at up to 60/30fps, 1080px at 30/60/240fps, at 720pps with 960fps.

Professional video shooting mode gives you. More comprehensive video capture controls through accurate zoom speed control, concentration, white balance, exposure and more.

Professional video shooting mode also gives you the same 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio that professionals use.

4. The rapist and Performance

As is typical with Samsung’s flagship phones, the Samsung S21 Ultra comes with the first two versions of Samsung’s newest Exynos 2100 version worldwide, and the second version with the leading Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 888 version dedicated to North America and China.

Both processors have a triple order and use the same nuclei, although there is a difference in clock speed rates, in favor of the Exynos 2100 processor.

Both SD888 and E2100 processors were manufactured by Samsung with 5nm manufacturing precision. Qualcomm switched from TSMC to Korean fasteners to produce processors for this year.


Snapdragon comes with an Adreno 660 graphical processor, which Qualcomm says is 35% faster and 20% more energy efficient than Adreno 650.

Exynos 2100 uses a Mali-G78 GPU with 14 centers and promises a 46% improvement over the previous generation.

Memory and Storage

The phone comes with 12GB LPDDR5 RAM in both versions. And UFS 3 .1 storage, available in 3 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB options.


Both processors provide very strong, smooth and fast performance, with the experience you will notice how smooth the user interface is, whether you scroll between apps, go from one app to another, or open many apps.

As for gaming enthusiasts, many games like PUBG Mobile have been tried on the highest settings and running HDR, I have not noticed any delay, and the experience itself was when playing Asphalt 9 and other strong games.

5. Battery Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a large 5000mAh battery, supported by 25W fast charging. The phone can be fully charged in an hour and a quarter. The phone can charge up to 54% in just 30 minutes.

Battery Experience

Battery Galaxy S21 Ultra

With regular usage, the phone can last for a full day, either using 120Hz refresh rate, playing games and browsing through different media, or shooting videos you’ll need to charge the phone once in the middle of the day.

The battery achieved great performance, even with a 120Hz refresh rate, and with 1440px resolution. The battery could hold up to 15 hours. From browsing and navigating between apps, even running YouTube.

Running three-dimensional games, the phone has been able to hold up to 9 hours. The 120Hz gameplay experience reduces battery life to 5 hours. This is a great experience.


1. The design is very great, with luxury manufacturing ores.

2. The phone is supported by the S-Pen pen.

3. The phone supports IP68 standard for water and dust resistance.

4. The phone has one of the best and coolest monitors in smart phones ever.

5. The phone has the strongest processor both from Samsung and Qualcomm.

6. It has a very cool rear camera, and one of the coolest smart phone camera yet.

7. The external speaker comes in stereo sound.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Defects

1. It does not support the installation of external memory.

2. The 3.5mm headphone entrance is not supported.

3. The phone comes without charger in the case, and you have to buy it separately.

4. The phone’s weight is relatively heavy.


The Samsung S21 Ultra is currently one of the finest smartphones on the scene, and has the best technology companies have to offer on the scene in 2021. The phone comes in a great design with the least masterpiece said, with power in performance whether the version reviewed in our hands with Exynos 2100 processor. Or the other version with the Snapdragon 888 processor, as well as great professional cameras. In addition to supporting the S Pen pen for the first time in the S series.

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