How to Use YouTube Studio for a Better Access

YouTube Studio

Youtube Studio-You’ve seen YouTubers turn their passion for making videos into a full-time job – and you want to be a part of it.

YouTube users have struggled to use YouTube as their video content headquarters. From Vine stars to TikTokers, creators post videos hoping to connect more with their audiences and get paid through YouTube affiliate programs.

But posting on YouTube and crossing your fingers is not the best approach. Instead, you need a rock-solid YouTube strategy, and that starts with understanding YouTube Studio.

YouTube Studio is a one-stop shop for creators looking to build audiences on long-form video platforms. Behind the scenes, the creators you admire in your niche strategically use YouTube Studio to continually improve their content (and watch you).

Their strategies are always at your service! But first, you need to understand why creators choose YouTube Studio over other YouTube growth platforms.

What is YouTube Studio?

How to Use YouTube Studio for a Better Access

YouTube Studio is like the kitchen of your creator’s restaurant. This is where you do the prep work before starting the next dish, the H. Your latest video, published. Running a successful restaurant is impossible without a kitchen, and growing on YouTube is extremely difficult without a little backend help.

Instead of a refrigerator and oven, your YouTube studio has the following features:

• Dashboard for viewing channel snapshots 
• Your published video library 
• Analysis behind the channel
• How much did you make in total and per video

These features help creators brand their content, gain more followers, and monetize Google Adsense. Even better, they help you understand your audience so you can build magnets, launch services, or develop products for them.  

YouTube users use YouTube to grow their audience and add those followers to their email list for safekeeping. Through their email lists, creators can turn fans into clients and patrons. They’re building a creator business that doesn’t rely on daily vlogging to pay the bills. Instead, they built automated systems to sell eBooks, paid newsletters, music, presets, tutorials, and more.

To grow your creator business, you must first build an audience. What’s the easiest way to find like-minded people online who enjoy watching your video content? By using platforms like YouTube Studio.

Why do YouTube users use YouTube Studio?

Creators know their job is more than just click-to-publish. If they make a video, post a video and make another video without trying to create a cohesive brand experience or understand what viewers like to watch, their brand won’t last long.

500 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and users are estimated to watch 1 billion hours of content in a single day. It’s a big competition.

Why do YouTube users use YouTube Studio

YouTube users use YouTube Studio to capture their videos and grow their audience on the competitive platform.

YouTube users use YouTube Studio to capture their videos and grow their audience on the competitive platform.

Your video is juxtaposed with dozens of recommended videos on the YouTube homepage. When someone watches your video, they’ll see a sidebar with other videos ready to watch. YouTube users need to keep this in mind when growing their YouTube channel.

This means you need to ask yourself the following questions:

• What do you post to get people to see your content?
• How can you keep your audience's attention?
• Is there a way to keep them watching after finishing the video?

Each of these questions has an answer in your YouTube Studio. Here are 5 ways creators can use YouTube Studio to grow their reach (and business).

5 ways to increase your reach with YouTube Studio

There are 10 features in YouTube Studio, from your Dashboard to Audio Library. Once you’ve set everything up, browse around to see what’s currently best for your video and audience. Remember, you don’t have to use all the features to get started.

You only need the first 5 features to get started and later you can add fancy details.

1- Dashboard

Think of your YouTube Studio dashboard as your ultimate companion. It can give you facts about what’s going on with your YouTube channel (like how many subscribers you have, your last video metrics, watch time, etc.).

The dashboard gives you a quick behind-the-scenes snapshot of your channel so you can track your growth and how much your audience enjoys your videos. Ideally, you’ll be checking this dashboard a few times a week, and definitely after you post a new video.

YouTube users use their dashboards to 1) understand what’s going on with their YouTube channel, and 2) what they need to change to achieve their goals.

For example, you’ll know you’re on to something when you start posting weekly vlogs that provide a high-level overview of your day-to-day activities and you see your watch time increase. Your dashboard tells you that your watch time has increased over the past 28 days, which means your audience is really enjoying your new content. This will tell you to create more content and give you ideas on how to bring this type of content to other mediums (such as a weekly newsletter).

2- Customization

Branding is your first impression of a creator business.

It’s also why your fans can find you on multiple platforms. They know they’ve found you when they see the same brand colors, logos, and taglines on your YouTube channel that they see on your TikTok or Instagram. Branding can also show new viewers who you are, what your goals are, and what to expect from subscribing to your channel.

Creators use customizers in YouTube Studio to add video highlights, branding, and basic information.


Creators can customize channel trailers, featured videos for returning subscribers, and the featured section in the Layout tab. On the Branding tab, upload your profile picture, banner picture and video watermark. The General Info tab is where you name your channel, add a description, choose a channel URL, and share contact information.

3- Content

It’s your content that drives views, engagement, and subscribers. This way, your audience will get to know you and realize that they want to buy your ebook or hire you for consulting. You need to keep an eye on your YouTube content, and that’s where the content feature comes in handy.

Creators use the content feature to view all their past videos, check limits, upload dates, views, comments, and like/dislike ratios.


The content feature of YouTube Studio is your video library. Since content is the top priority of your channel, this feature is critical for growth as it shows you how each video is doing. When you post a video with more than the usual number of comments, you know you need to create more similar videos.

Your audience’s reaction and engagement with your content will tell you everything you need to know when developing your next video topic.

4- Analytics

YouTube Studio Analytics is your personal calculator.


Instead of calculating your channel’s performance by creating your own spreadsheet and sitting at a calculator for an hour, YouTube Studio does it for you. In the analytics feature, you can view an overview of analytics specific to content, audience, and research. This might be your favorite feature…

Creators use analytics to understand audience interests and how to improve their content.

Your channel analytics tells a story. They can show you what your audience cares about most, what they don’t want to see, and how they spend their time on YouTube. These insights are game-changers for creators, telling them exactly what to create resonates with their audiences the most.

5- Monetization

It sounds like a sweet entry, but it’s a little more than you might realize. To become a YouTube Partner, you need 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 public watch hours, 2-step verification enabled, and 0 active Community Guidelines strikes. As a YouTube partner, you share in the revenue YouTube earns from its advertisers.

YouTube users monetizing YouTube adds another revenue stream to their business.

While YouTube monetization is a great opportunity for creators, it shouldn’t be their only source of income. Just like you never want to accommodate your audience on someone else’s platform (make sure you convert your YouTube subscribers to email subscribers!), you don’t want your revenue to depend on YouTube’s Terms of Service. They want other sources of income they can rely on, such as paid newsletters or digital products.

YouTube is only part of your business strategy

With YouTube, YouTube users can expand their reach and attract more like-minded people to their channels. Thanks to YouTube Studio, creators can optimize their content for this audience and grow faster than without these features. But creator deals aren’t just about great content. You need a strategy to handle the audience you’re building. You don’t want to lose access to your audience for inadvertent violations of community guidelines or algorithm changes. You want to control how you connect with your fans. Grow your audience on YouTube, then bring those supporters to your Convert Kit email list.

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